Absorbents are inoluble materials or mixtures of materials used to recover liquids through the mechanism of absorption, or adsorption, or both. Absorbents are materials that pick up and retain liquid distributed throught ist molecular structure causing the solid to swell (50 percent or more).

The absorbent mus be at least 70 percent insoluble in excess fluid. Absorbents are insoluble materials that are coated by a liquid on its surface, including pores and capillaries, without the solid swelling more than 50 percent in excess liquid. To be useful in combating oil spills, sorbents need to be both oleophilic (oil-attracting)and hydropobic (water-repellent).

  • Leak – Resistant Solution
  • Soft Absorbent Recycleds
  • Higher performance
  • Lower costs
  • Greater price stability
  • Less dependence on oil-based products


  1. MAT: size 43cm x 48cm, 100 pieces, weight 4.1kg
  2. PAD: size 43cm x 48cm, 100 pieces, weight 4.7kg
  3. PILLOW : size 35cm x 50cm, 10 pieces, weight 6.8kg
  4. BOOM: size 9.5cm x 240cm, 6 pieces, weight 9kg
  5. ROLL: size 48cm x 30m, 2 pieces, weight 5.8kg


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