Our Profile


PT. Blue Ocean Sejahtera is an independent Indonesia company, engaging in design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of Oil Spill Response Equipment for Platform, Ships, Jetty, Drilling and other facilities relate to marine environmental issue.

Established in 2006 with our office, located in Jakarta and workshop in Bekasi and Sentul, we are staffed with competent and experienced personnel.

As to keep developing, we have committed to take first priority on overall professional performance to achieve the highest possible engineering standard, whilst meeting the requirements of reliability, maintenance and safety to cater client’s satisfaction.



Blue Ocean Sejahtera is able to integrate the Oil Spill Response services, by providing an extensive range of oil spill control equipment and prepareness service, produced in our own modern facilities. Through our range of services, depth of expertise, we are trusted by our clients. These success stories is only be achieved as laid on the strength of knowledge on Environmental Engineering and Oil Characteristic. That helps us to:
1. Design the right equipment.
2. Set robust and systemic oil spill response.
3. Manage the logistic.



Oil Spill Response were developed with be-lieve that providing Oil Spill Control Equip-ment is not sufficient. Our response person-nel can assist in a range of response opera-tion with our strength in Technical and Envi-ronmental engineering knowledge. These has become fundamentally important to help us:

1. Understand the risks and assesses.
2. Provide the right equipment that fit for purpose.
3. Making decision in the early stages of incident also measuring response time
4. Develop response team competence and skill.
5. Balance the needs and cost.

Hence, it enables us to become an integrated Oil Spill Response Equipment & Service company. With technical strength, knowledge and experienced, Drilling Waste Water Treat-ment Plant was successfully delivered. This is a significant milestone in our company business portfolio that we are able to provides technical service to build waste water treatment plant, help business part-ners protect the environment.